Risk of injury!
Before performing any maintenance always switch off the main switch and prevent it from being switched on again!
 Regular cleaning of the machine extends its working life and is also a requirement for problem-free cutting. The sliding table saw should therefore, depending on how dirty it is, be cleaned at least once a week. The particular areas affected are:
the machine table
the sliding table
the sliding table guides
the tilting segments
the round bar of the rip fence
the interior of the machine
the machine environment
Sawdust and dust adhering is removed with a vacuum cleaner. To remove res-in residues it is best to use a cleaning solvent. It is essential that parts treated in this way are treated afterwards with an oil-soaked cloth to avoid the buildup of rust.
The sliding table guides are to be cleaned regularly. If contaminated with resin,the guides are to be cleaned with petroleum and possibly using Scotch Brite pads for example. It is not advisable to use steel wool or sandpaper since this than irreparably damages the guide tracks.
Before using a solvent and cleaner you must make sure that this substance will not cause any damage to the lacquered, anodized or zinc-plated surfaces as well as to plastic parts. You can obtain information about this by consulting the safety data sheets for this substance (obtainable from makers of solvents or cleaners).

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