The bearings of the main saw shaft and the scorer saw shaft are sealed for life so that no subsequent lubrication is needed.
 The tilt segments are to be cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis. The intervals for such work (2 weeks) depend on the period of use.
 Rip fence and heigt adjusment must be lubricated once a year.
Lubrication heigt adjusment
Lubricating nipple height adjustment
To relubricate, open the machine door, set the tilt to 0° and the cutting height to 0 mm. The lubricating nipples are then in the optimum position for access.
Lubrication motorise rip fence (Type X)
Lubrication point for linear guide
The guide is lubricated via lubricating nipples on the carriage. Before lubricating,the rip fence must be moved into the lubrication position in order to reach the lubricating nipple with the grease gun supplied.
Quantity of lubricant
When lubricating with the filled grease gun that is part of the scope of supply, 5 strokes are necessary to inject the required quantity. Excessive lubrication due to short intervals and/or by too much lubricant will lead to failures!
Lubricants containing graphite or MoS2 additives are not allowed to be used!

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