Sliding table

[1]  Place the bottom carriage on the machine frame and push against the stop screws.
[2]   Screw on the bottom carriage. 

[1]  Place the middle carriage on the bottom carriage so that the interlock is pointing to the right.
[2]   Push the middle carriage to the right so that the 1st double roller is still just resting on the round bars.  

[1]  Carefully push on the top carriage making sure it is not skewed.
[2]  Carefully push the guide rails onto the double rollers.
[3]  Push the top carriage towards the left, all the way to the stop. 

[1]   Fit the back stop. 

[1]  Check whether the stop on the top carriage and the stop on the bottom carriage hit the end position at the same time.
[2]  Adjust if necessary.

[1] Tighten the central fixing screw.
[2] Check the sub-rollers are correctly adjusted.


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