Electrical connection

WARNING! Dangerous electric voltage!
All work on the electrical equipment, including connection to the mains supply,may only be performed by a qualified electrician.
Disconnect the machine from the mains supply before working on the electrical equipment.
• After connecting the supply line, check the rotational direction of the main saw motor by briefly starting up and, if necessary, correct it by interchanging the two outer conductors in the mains connection box.
• Pay attention to the rotational-direction arrow on the saw blade cover!
Connection to mains electricity is made in the housing of the main isolator which is located on the machine frame on the rip fence side. The terminals for the supply line are marked L1, L2, L3, N and PE, and the terminals for the potential-free contact are marked POT. The supply line cross-section and the fuses to be fitted by the user depend on the installed motor rating.
If the machine is connected via a flexible supply line, a rubber-sheathed cable (wire marking H07RN-F) must be used. Required plug-in device: Round connector
in accordance with DIN 49463.


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